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SS TOROA - Technical Details

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George Niccol, ship owner & ship builder, St Mary's Bay, Auckland, New Zealand.                                                  Ironwork by the Senior Foundry. Machinery installed by H.M. Warner, Quay Foundry, Auckland
 OWNER Devonport Steam Ferry Company Limited
 LAUNCHED 28th April 1925
 DECOMMISSIONED 8th August 1980

Gross Tonnage
130.75 ft           31.4 ft
9.9 ft
309 tons
39.85 m
9.57 m
3.02 m
 ARRANGEMENT Two-decked, double-ended ferry – propeller, rudder & wheelhouse at each end
 CONSTRUCTION Composite: 3-inch (76mm) kauri  (Agathis australis) timber planking bolted to steel bulb-angle framing, with steel bulkheads and main-deck beams.
 ENGINE Triple-expansion steam engine, by Aitcheson, Blair Ltd, Clydebank, Scotland.
Stroke 21 in (533 mm), bore 12,20 & 32 in (305, 508 & 813 mm).
Nominal h.p. 51; brake h.p. 350
 BOILER Coal-fired 'Scotch' marine type, by A. & W. Dalglish, West of Scotland Boilermakers, Pollockshaws, Glasgow. Rivetted construction. Operating Pressure 180 psi
 PROPELLERS Bronze, four-bladed, with adjustable pitch. One at each end, directly coupled to the engine.
 SPEED 11.25 knots at trials
 COMPLEMENT Crew: 4    skipper, deck-hand, engineer, stoker
Passengers: 1221 river limits, 682 extended river limits

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